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Cocalero Clásico x Resident Evil

A 300%+ return on ad spend generated for a spirits brand using Facebook & Google Ads in tandem.

Bottled at 29% ABV, Cocalero Clásico is a mid-strength spirit and is extremely versatile

It can be enjoyed straight as a shot, in a CocaBomb, as a long drink, or as an ingredient in refreshing cocktails. Cocalero released a limited edition bottling in collaboration with Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness, the popular Netflix anime series.


During the pandemic, e-commerce was booming, but not as much after the pandemic.

Cocalero’s goal was to restore revenue back to pandemic levels at a 300%+ ROAS generated from top-of-funnel traffic.


Twibi was up for the challenge of generating a high ROAS in a short amount of time for Cocalero. Launching ads in both Google Ads and Facebook Ads was the first of many tests.

After a month of running ads, it became clear that Facebook Ads was a more effective channel for driving purchases when compared to Google Ads. The reallocation of the budget to Facebook Ads was spread over a full-funnel marketing strategy.

Facebook Ads

Campaign ads


As ongoing testing of various Facebook Ads audiences commenced, eventually sufficient conversion-based learnings had built up within a specific audience. Additional ads were created and added to the winning audience. The audience’s budget was then scaled up, leading to a 400%+ ROAS from top-of-funnel, non-remarketing traffic.

Brenton is an absolute joy to work with. He is highly experienced, methodical, and personable. Maybe, best of all...he is transparent and trustworthy. He tells you like it is and he doesn't just tell you what he thinks you want to hear. We will definitely be using Twibi more in our future.

Todd Ernst
Founder, PCSgrades

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