How Beer Ads Can Influence Your Purchasing Decisions

Understand how beer ads can impact your purchasing decisions. See how creative marketing influences consumer choices.
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The worldwide beer production totals 1.91 billion hectoliters. (Statista)

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Did you know your beer purchasing decision isn’t solely influenced by taste, smell, or appearance? Many beer choices are driven by emotional and psychological attachments harnessed through captivating beer advertisements. You and I can fall victim to these without our knowing. Likewise, prepare to raise your glass to these innovative beer ads revolutionizing the industry. These cutting-edge campaigns are breaking the mold and capturing the attention of beer lovers worldwide. From humorous commercials to augmented experiences, breweries and beer brands are pushing the boundaries of creativity to connect with their target audience in fresh and exciting ways. 

In this article, we will explore some of the most memorable and game-changing beer ads that leave a lasting impact on consumers. So grab a cold one, sit back, and prepare to be inspired by the brilliance and ingenuity of these innovative beer ads.

The power of storytelling in beer advertisements

In advertising world, storytelling has always been a powerful tool. Regarding beer ads, a compelling story can make all the difference in capturing consumers’ attention and creating a lasting impression. Breweries and beer brands have embraced this idea. They use storytelling techniques to create ads that resonate with their target audience.

One great example is the “Lost Dog” commercial by Budweiser. This heartwarming ad tells the story of a puppy who gets lost and embarks on an epic journey to find his way home. Along the way, he encounters various obstacles. Still, with the help of the iconic Clydesdale horses, the puppy eventually reunites with his owner. This ad not only tugs at the heartstrings but also showcases the loyalty and dedication that Budweiser has toward its consumers.

Another notable example is the “Most Interesting Man in the World” campaign by Dos Equis. This series of ads features a sophisticated and mysterious character who embodies the brand’s tagline, “Stay thirsty, my friends.” Each ad presents the Most Interesting Man in various adventurous and humorous situations. This ad leaves viewers intrigued and wanting to know more about this fascinating character. This campaign has successfully created a memorable and aspirational image for Dos Equis.

These examples demonstrate the power of storytelling in beer advertisements. Breweries and beer brands can establish an emotional connection by creating narratives that resonate with consumers. This connection makes their ads more memorable. Through storytelling, they can effectively convey the values and personality of their brand, ultimately influencing consumer behavior and driving sales.

Using creativity in beer ads

Creativity is an essential ingredient for successful beer ads. These elements capture viewers’ attention, leave a lasting impression, and generate positive brand associations. Breweries and beer brands have embraced this strategy. They use humor and creativity to stand out in a crowded advertising landscape.

One brand that has mastered the art of humor in beer ads is Heineken. Heineken’s “Dropped” campaign is a perfect example of this. In this series of ads, unsuspecting individuals are dropped into challenging and unconventional situations. Heineken creates a memorable and entertaining experience for viewers by injecting creativity and actual scenarios into their ads. This experience makes a strong brand impact.

Guinness, for instance, is known for its visually stunning and creative commercials. One notable example is the “Surfer” ad of Guinness, which features a group of surfers waiting for the perfect wave. As the tension builds, the wave transforms into a group of white horses, creating a visually captivating scene. This ad showcases the brand’s commitment to quality and leaves viewers in awe of its creativity and artistry.

Interactive and experiential beer ads

Consumers also crave interactive and experiential content, and breweries and beer brands have recognized this trend. They are creating ads beyond traditional formats to provide immersive experiences for their audience.

One innovative example of interactive beer advertising is Stella Artois’s experiential VR campaign promoting Wimbledon. Participants experienced the tournament from a hawk’s-eye view, soaring above the court. This unique perspective captivated consumers, showcased brand innovation, and created a special connection. The campaign symbolized excellence and attention to detail, fostering engagement and generating social media buzz. Stella Artois successfully differentiated itself and left a lasting impression on its target audience.

Humor in beer ads can attract social media shares

One brand that has effectively leveraged social media in its beer advertising is Corona. Corona’s “Find Your Beach” campaign encouraged users to share their beach photos on social media using the hashtag #FindYourBeach. This user-generated content created a sense of community among Corona drinkers and served as free advertising for the brand. Moreover, by encouraging consumers to be part of the campaign, Corona was able to build a strong online presence and generate buzz around its brand.

The return of Coors Light and Miller Lite to the Big Game after 30 years created significant anticipation among beer enthusiasts and fans alike. The question, “Whose commercial is it?” added an extra layer of excitement and curiosity. Surprisingly, the two iconic beer brands settled the matter uniquely.

As the ad unfolds, it becomes clear that the competition between Coors Light and Miller Lite goes beyond traditional advertising. Besides, the fight scene or action choreography employs wit and humor. The ad also successfully generates excitement and captures viewers’ attention by combining humor, competition, and a touch of unpredictability. The inclusion of the Blue Moon commercial adds an extra layer of depth and intrigue, inviting viewers to explore further and discover additional surprises. This multi-brand approach generates buzz and encourages viewers to engage with the beer brands beyond the confines of a typical beer commercial.

I personally love this ad due to its cleverness and the unique concept of combining three brands, Miller, Coors, and Blue Moon, into one advertisement. Additionally, the wit displayed in the ad is truly admirable and adds to its appeal.

Leveraging influencers in beer advertising

Influencer marketing is another strategy that breweries and beer brands use to reach their target audience. By partnering with influencers with a strong following and influence in the beer community, these brands can tap into a ready-made audience and build credibility.

One brand that has successfully used influencer marketing is Budweiser. The Budweiser Legends – Best Buds advertisement showcases the final season of Waino and Yadi, two St. Louis baseball players who have played together for an impressive 17 years. The ad likely captures the emotions and nostalgia surrounding their last season as teammates, highlighting their enduring friendship and the shared journey. Budweiser, known for its emotional storytelling in ads, aims to evoke a sense of connection, loyalty, and admiration among viewers. Furthermore, by featuring these two great baseball players, the ad pays tribute to their long-standing partnership and appeals to baseball fans and those who appreciate enduring friendships. Additionally, the advertisement is likely designed to create a sentimental and shareable moment that resonates with audiences and reinforces Budweiser’s brand image.

Examples of old beer ads

Miller Lite’s “Tastes Great, Less Filling” campaign showcased a humorous debate arguing whether the beer tasted great or was less filling. The ads effectively highlighted the beer’s low-calorie content while emphasizing its enjoyable taste.

Heineken’s “Refreshes the Parts Other Beers Cannot Reach” featured a series of humorous ads illustrating how Heineken beer had a unique ability to refresh and revitalize individuals in various situations. Furthermore, it cleverly conveyed the beer’s refreshing qualities memorably.

The impact of beer ads on consumer behavior

Beer ads can profoundly impact consumer behavior by capturing consumers’ attention and shaping their perceptions, preferences, and purchasing decisions.

One way in which innovative beer ads influence consumer behavior is by creating a solid brand image and association. Memorable and creative ads help breweries and beer brands stand out in a crowded marketplace, making them more unique and recognizable. When consumers see a beer brand that they associate with a positive and memorable ad, they are likelier to choose that brand over others.

Innovative beer ads also have the power to shape consumer preferences and tastes. These ads can stimulate consumers’ curiosity and influence their choices. For example, an ad highlighting a brewery’s commitment to using locally sourced ingredients may resonate with consumers who prioritize supporting local businesses and sustainable practices.

Furthermore, innovative beer ads can influence consumers’ purchasing decisions by creating a sense of urgency and FOMO (fear of missing out). Limited-edition releases, exclusive collaborations, and time-limited promotions develop an understanding of scarcity and exclusivity, motivating consumers to purchase before it’s too late.

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The psychology of beer advertising: How emotions impact your choices

Remember that advertisements can touch various aspects of human psychology and emotions. Additionally, effective advertisements are designed to evoke specific emotional responses and influence the target audience’s psyche.

Here are some key elements that advertisements often aim to tap into:


Advertisements often try to elicit emotions such as happiness, sadness, fear, surprise, excitement, or nostalgia. Emotional appeals can connect the viewer and the product or brand, making it more memorable.

Desire and aspiration

Beer advertisements often portray an idealized version of life or a desired outcome that consumers can associate with promoting the product or service. Moreover, they create a longing or aspiration, suggesting that owning or using the advertised product can fulfill those desires.

Needs and wants

Generally, advertisements aim to identify and tap into the needs and wants of the target audience. They may highlight how a product or service can address a specific problem or enhance the consumer’s life.

Values and beliefs

Advertisements sometimes align themselves with specific values and beliefs to establish a connection with the target audience. Furthermore, beer advertisers can create a positive association and build brand loyalty by appealing to shared values.

Social influence

Advertisements often leverage social norms and peer influence. Moreover, they may show how a product or service is popular or widely accepted by others, creating a sense of social validation and encouraging consumers to follow suit.

Brand identity

Beer advertisements are crucial in shaping and maintaining a brand’s identity. They communicate the brand’s personality, values, and unique selling points, aiming to establish a strong brand image in the minds of consumers. The success of a beer brand relies heavily on its brand identity, as it holds the power to either cultivate or break customers’ loyalty.

Information and education

Advertisements also provide information about products or services, highlighting their features, benefits, and competitive advantages. This aspect appeals to the rational side of consumers and helps them make informed purchasing decisions. 

While advertisements aim to provide information and education, it is essential to acknowledge that this aspect might have a comparatively lesser impact on consumers. It is crucial to note that tapping into consumers’ emotions and desires holds a more significant influence in capturing their attention and shaping their decisions, surpassing the impact of providing mere information and education.

Conclusion: The use of technology as the future of beer advertising

As the beer industry continues to evolve, so does the world of beer advertising. Furthermore, gone are the days of generic and formulaic commercials. Breweries and beer brands embrace innovation and creativity to connect with their target audience in fresh and exciting ways.

The future of beer advertising lies in the power of storytelling, humor, interactivity, sustainability, and, most of all, technology. Moreover, by creating ads that tell compelling stories and make use of technology, beer ads can engage consumers in immersive experiences.

As consumers become more discerning and conscious of their purchasing decisions, breweries and beer brands must adapt and find new ways to connect with their audience. Additionally, by staying ahead of the curve and embracing innovation, the beer industry can continue revolutionizing advertising and creating memorable experiences that resonate with consumers.

So, the next time you raise your glass to toast, take a moment to appreciate the brilliance and ingenuity behind beer ads or commercials. They might have captured your attention and impacted your beer-drinking experience. 

Find inspiration from these beer ads and test your creativity to improve beer advertising. If in any case, you wish to do digital marketing to spur up your advertising campaigns, beer it beer ads or otherwise. Please feel free to contact us here at Twibi.

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Beer sales accounted for a significant 45% share of all alcohol sales in the United States. (Statista)
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