Freelance vs Agency SEO Services

Learn whether you should chose a freelancer or agency for SEO services.
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Choosing the right option for SEO services

You’re probably here because the concept of freelance vs agency SEO services is confusing you. And you still need to decide which of the above to select for your business.

Running an online business on your own can be exasperating at times. That being said, developing a powerful marketing strategy is imperative for your business. And, only an efficient freelancing marketer or a reliable digital marketing agency can help you with that.

That’s why I will break down each of these types of service providers in detail below. This will allow you to make the best choice for your business.

Making the call for an agency or freelancer?

When your venture began, it was manageable to work on any digital marketing strategies on your own. But, with expansion, there are many things to look after. At this stage, you will benefit by taking professional help to convey your venture’s brand message and voice.

I have myself been through a similar situation in the past during the evolution of my business. My marketing skills helped me move on initially, especially as my funds were limited. Yet, with the growth in business, my daily quota of to-do list kept growing longer.

Moreover, I grew frustrated and overwhelmed. I started toying with the idea of agency vs freelancer for my digital marketing requirements. Believe me, it can be puzzling for a medium or small-sized business owner to come to a decision on this. And without proper knowledge, decision-making can go very wrong.

The agency or freelancer dilema

The biggest dilemma is that there are unlimited options while making a selection. If you Google digital marketing agency you will get approximately 1,430,000,000,000 results. And, approximately 67,400,000,000 results for freelance marketing agencies right now. This can be tedious to start with.

Again, not all marketing professionals provide tailor-made services based on your business requirements. For instance, there are freelancers who are experts in technology but will not be able to help with fashion or healthcare.

The basics of freelance vs agency SEO services

So, what do freelancers provide and how are their services different from that of digital agencies?

Understanding freelance SEO services

Freelancers are independent consultants in the marketing industry. They’ve earned a reputation through past experience in their industry.

Such professionals work alone in gaining customers and providing project deliveries. Freelancers provide services that include writing, marketing consultation, and strategizing.

Interestingly, the latest research reveals at least 53 million people in the U.S.A. are opting for freelancing for supplementary/main income sources. This means that of the total workforce, an impressive 34 percent are resorting to freelancing. By 2028 at least 90 million people in the U.S. will work as freelancers!

Freelancer model explained

Freelance agencies work on the model of remote working of several freelancers. Advertising agencies opt for this model. It lowers costs without compromising talent.

It is evident that the requirements of every business are unique, which is why making a selection can be tough. What I looked for in my business was a committed person with the knowledge and belief in my business venture.

Understanding a digital agency’s SEO services

Digital agencies are run by marketers in partnership. Which includes either independent contractors or full-time employees working together. Such projects include full-service SEO, content writing, social media marketing, graphic designing, etc. They are predicted to enhance their presence in the global market soon.

Agency model explained

In this model, the owner handles managing experienced marketing professionals. They work in the hierarchical system so they don’t get to choose projects of their choice. Additionally, they have to work to achieve the targets expected of them. Starting an agency is not easy, and owners resort to online or in-person meetings to search for a candidate for the job.

Comparison of freelance vs agency SEO services

Whether looking for international SEO services or a localized one, you have to weigh out the pros and cons equally. I, for one, have learned through mistakes, and wouldn’t want you to repeat them. So, I have lined up certain specific advantages and disadvantages of opting for freelance vs agency SEO services.

Freelancer SEO service advantages

Pricing: The price request made by a freelancer is not in-house pay but an hourly basis pay for each project. And, their dedication towards the project provides better productivity because they only work according to their convenience. They are also free from gossip or politics actively practiced in an office environment.

Services offered: Freelancers have a reputation to protect. This means that they will strive to give you the best output to offer total satisfaction. If you are a happy client, it will positively impact the freelancer’s business. This is because they will expect you to recommend such freelancers to your friends in the business. Freelancers are great at communication to ease you into the different business-related jargon.

Services offered:  It is crucial to communicate the project time frame and singular goals. A freelancer offers flexibility in communication and resorts to informal means for communicating like social media or messages.

Skills: These professionals are adaptable and equipped with proper knowledge. Freelancers generally begin their career working in an office environment before switching to freelancing. It helps them gain a wider perspective on dealing with the world of marketing. You have the option of selecting one with appropriate skill and experience.

Flexibility: Freelancers are not bound by office hours. They work in an amorphous way during their work hours. That’s the very reason they are freelancers. You can approach them with any emergency at any time, even on weekends! A professional with experience in social media can, for instance, assist you with a media update when required.

Prioritization: Since there are few projects for freelancers to handle, they give first priority to any project. In the case of larger projects, they focus their entire attention on completing that first. They’ll take your project seriously and fulfill it on time.

Freelancer SEO service disadvantages

Pricing: The schedule for payment may be loosely-based as it would not be with an agency.

Services offered: The disadvantage is that freelancers function remotely. This increases the chances of them disappearing without notice. That is also the reason why they prefer not signing contracts so that they can avoid legal issues in the future.

Communication: Communication with a freelancer of your choice can be tough sometimes due to the difference in time zones.

Skills: Finding a freelancer who works on a wide spectrum of skills can be tough. As a result, you will have to search for many freelancers to get your job done. It can be time-consuming to make individual freelancers understand your specific needs.

Flexibility: There’s a chance that freelancers will charge extra fees for working on weekends or late at night.

Prioritization: It might take a freelancer a longer time to complete a project because they lack proper resources.

Agency SEO service advantages

Pricing: The payment schedule is more relaxed, and you get top-quality service.

Services offered: An agency has a process in regard to service and communication. An agency resorts to meetings on a routine basis to provide information to clients on project progress.

Communication: An agency is set when it comes to communication. They assign managers to handle projects individually, who set up calls per week or month. If your project is large enough, an agency will probably provide you will extra project managers for communication.

Skills: The thing with an agency is that you can find a wide range of experienced and skilled marketers under one roof. Your vision isn’t repeatedly explained to each professional. They’ll engage as a team to meet your requirements.

Flexibility: An agency will keep you up-to-date with the progress of the project. This can help you plan out your business strategies accordingly. Additionally, agencies offer flexible arrangements for payments when hired for one-off or small tasks.

Prioritization: An agency has many systems and processes. This ensures project completion at a faster pace.

Agency SEO service disadvantages

Pricing:  There are overhead expenses involved in an agency. Such agencies usually rent a space and hire specialists for their services. This, in turn, increases the price rate for your project. It definitely is more costly to hire an agency than a freelancer.

Services offered:  While the reputation of an agency is of supreme importance, its employees may think otherwise. They are not held accountable for their individual actions, which puts a question mark on their dedication towards you.

Communication: There may be extra fees for making extra reports and calls. And there’s a chance you’re not informed about project progress if you fail to make a request for regular communication.

Skills: For small businesses, there will be no choice in who works with you. It is in the hands of the agency to decide on specific professionals for specific requirements. But, if your business is large, you may get the advantage of selecting an experienced professional.

Flexibility: They are available during office hours only. Moreover, your project might be undermined by bigger projects during this time. Your business might not benefit from agency help if you prefer non-traditional working hours. Also, it’s possible professionals are in meetings, or lunch breaks, making them unavailable when needed.

Prioritization: An agency will undertake several projects at a time. They will give more preference to bigger clients with more money. Depending on the agency, they might not give the attention the client desires.

Freelance vs agency considerations

The following points, when taken into account, help you come to a conclusion on if to opt for an agency or freelancer:

  • Past Performance: Check the performance data of the agency or freelancer you want to hire. Providing this reaffirmes their credibility. You can track what they have done in the past to decide if they are worth your investment.
  • Niche experience: Ideally the agency or freelancer is well-versed with the industry niche that you belong to. It can be difficult for someone from a different industry to work on your required project.
  • Look for recommendations: Find out what the previous customers have to say about the agency or freelancer. If you learn about their past experiences with customers, you will get a better idea about their performance. See if they respond to emails on time and can perform at the time of crisis.

In conclusion when choosing SEO services

Hopefully, the explained concept of freelance vs agency SEO services will help you make a wise decision based on your business needs. What matters most is that you get the required help for business growth without compromising financially or quality-wise. If you are looking for a great digital marketing agency for SEO services, we are here to help!

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