How to Target Business Owners on Facebook

How to effectively target and reach business owners using Facebook Ads.
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Out of the 2.96 billion monthly active users, 2 billion people use Facebook daily.

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Targeting business owners on Facebook

In this article, we will cover how to target business owners on Facebook to maximize your return on ad spend.

How to target owners on Facebook

Facebook has more than 2.85 billion active users. This is why Facebook should be one of your top choices when marketing to large enterprises or the local shop down the street. 

Targeting business owners on Facebook by operating system

More than half of Facebook users browse the site via their mobile devices. Furthermore, the device and its operating system impact their experience. Consider targeting them by their brand of mobile phone. For example, test ads targeted for a given customer segment plus an Apple iPhone or an Android phone. Then compare the results. You could learn which devices are most compatible with your ads and which may be filtering them out altogether. The only exception to this is if you’re selling mobile accessories or apps that are intended for a given device. In this case, you’d only market your iOS app to Apple users.

Don’t forget to include Windows and Linux users. Yes, you can target business owners in Facebook ads based on the operating system on their laptops and desktop computers. You could create an ad campaign that hits the corporate executive checking Facebook on their lunch break on their work computer this way. Then you’ll reach the people who don’t use the Facebook app. The only question is what the right approach is to reach your intended audience.

Targeting business owners on Facebook via email domain

We’re assuming you already have an email list. Consider sending ads to them based on their email domain. This allows you to determine which email services are most amenable to your advertisements. This market segmentation also reduces the odds that your ads end up in the spam folder. If you want to know how to target business owners on Facebook at a given company, this is it. Limit the ads to people using a given corporate email address.

Targeting business owners on Facebook based on browser

You might need to review the website analytics to know which browsers your customers are using to visit your website. Then set up Facebook ads that target the browsers your customers are using. If they click the ad, you know that they’ll have a good experience with your website.

Note that this type of targeting is essential if you’re advertising productivity apps, developer tools, browser extensions and other items that only work with a given browser.

Targeting business owners on Facebook based on payment system

Are you selling items on the Facebook marketplace and receiving payment via the Facebook payment system? Your ideal customer will use the same payment system, so include that in the targeting of your ads. Do you accept payment via Paypal or Venmo? Don’t waste your advertising budget promoting your products and services to people who can’t pay you via your preferred method.

Leverage Facebook Live event data

Live events include everything from concerts to online church services, funerals to weddings, online classes to book clubs. If your business offers a product or service related to these events, you can use the Facebook Live Events parameter to connect with people planning such events. You can also target a given time interval. For example, you could promote your business to people who will be live-streaming their wedding in three months or all concerts in your area that will be streamed live over the next year.

If you want to advertise to business owners on Facebook, consider targeting live streams of local business conferences or industry seminars.

Maximize return on ad budget

Advertising on Facebook for business owners must focus on return on investment or ROI. Not all clicks are equally valuable, and not all customers are worth the price you pay for that click. This is why you need to understand the metrics tied to your Facebook ad campaign and how this impacts your bottom line.

But let’s start with a review of the associated terminology. An impression means your ad was shown. A link click refers to how many people followed the link in the ad. If you have a lot of impressions but few link clicks, you need to narrow the audience that sees your ads to those likely to click and buy.

Leads are the number of lead events tracked from Facebook to your website. This number is generally smaller than the number who clicked the link. They’re the ones who visited your site and then stayed for more than a few moments. The cost per click is the price you pay per click on your ads. You want to keep this number well below the average value of the website visitor since most people visiting the website don’t buy.

The cost per lead is the price you pay per person who fills out a contact form or signed up for your email list. Leads are warm prospects, but they aren’t yet paying customers. Run the numbers, and know what percentage of leads convert to paying customers and how much they spend. Never pay more per lead on average than what the customer is worth, you should be spending much less than that.

If you need help implementing any of the above tactics to target business owners, reach out to the Twibi Team!

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Only 18% of American users feel that Facebook protects their data and privacy.
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